The Memorial Spot of Jimi Hendrix Grave to Remember the Blues Rock Guitarist

Friday, February 11, 2011

When an idol is death, his spirit live forever toward his work, such as songs and music. No matter the controversial case and cause of his death, many fans will always commemorate the date annually. The commemoration may take the action as putting bouquet of flowers on his graveyard or memorial site. It may take another form such as music events where the fans play the idols’ famous music and songs.

Jimi Hendrix is one of the world greatest guitarists and idol who inspired millions of his fans. Even though it has been decades from his controversial death in 1970, his songs keeps becoming inspiration for the youth in 21st centuries. Jimi Hendrix grave becomes one of the most visited sites for his fans every time they have the chance to go to the US. There is gravesite of the guitarist in Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington. Jimi Hendrix grave has a headstone with a depiction of his most played instrument, Fender Stratocaster guitar.

The memorial gravesite is a granite dome underpins by three pillars. The gutarist’s autograph is inscribed at the base of each of the pillars. The Jimi Hendrix grave is one of the memorial spot to remember the musician. There is also Jimi Hendrix memorial statue depicting him playing his Stratocaster guitar in Seattle.

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